How To Backup Apps With Titanium Backup On Android

Reinstalling all the apps after changing a custom ROM can be an annoying task. If you’re the one who’s finding a solution to this, then you’ve arrived at the correct place. In this post, I’ll show you how backup and restore all the apps and data with Titanium Backup App available on Google Play Store.

One thing to keep in mind before proceeding is Titanium Backup application is available for rooted devices only. So make sure you’ve got superuser rights on the device.

What is Titanium Backup?

Titanium Backup is an Android application that helps you to backup up all your mobile apps and data. Hence, saving you from a tedious task of reinstalling them one by one while switching a custom ROM or resetting a device. Moreover, it offers a complete restore of all the apps including the previous/old settings.

As high authority system rights are required to perform a batch backup and restore, the app is only available on rooted devices. Titanium Backup comes with both free and PRO versions. Of course, the pro version has additional features like multiple backups per app, Backup/Restore SMS, MMS, calls, bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP as XML, and more. But apparently the free version gets the job done most of the time.

Key Features

  • Batch backup.
  • Backup apps with default settings.
  • Backup SMS, Calls log, and contacts.
  • Apps Freezer.
  • Encryption.

How To Backup Android Apps With Titanium Backup?

Note: Make sure your device is rooted before proceeding.

Step #1. Download the Titanium Backup app from Google Playstore.

Step #2. Now, launch the app and give it all the necessary permissions.

titanium backup play store download

Step #3. Once done, it will give you a warning and ask for the root access, tap OK to accept.

titanium backup allow permissions

Step #4. Now, head over to the Preferences section of the app and select a folder for backup (You can also select external storage or USB)

edit titanium backup preferences

Step #5. Now tap on the Batch Options on the top-right corner of the screen. Then scroll down and tap on the Backup All User Apps options.

Step #6. Next up, select all the required apps to backup.

Step #7. Finally, you can restore those apps on any device by following all the steps again but this time select Restore Missing Apps under Batch Options.


There are a number of alternatives to backing up apps with Titanium Backup, but this one stands out in terms of reliability and performance. Moreover, it is a lifesaver for someone like me who loves to throw-in a brand new custom ROM every week.

How about you? How much did you like this app? Comment your thoughts in the section below. Also, make sure to subscribe to the notifications for daily updates from our website.

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