How To Fix Skype Echo Problem On Galaxy S20

This article covers all the possible solutions on: How To Fix Skype Echo Problem On Galaxy S20.

Skype is one of the essential video conferencing platforms developed by Microsoft. Millions of people are using its Android app for on the go calling purposes. But recently, Galaxy S20 owners have been complaining about the Skype echo problem.

Are you a proud owner of Samsung S20 and facing an echo problem while doing a Skype call? If so, continue reading, as today we’re going to see some most effective solutions to fix the Skype Echo problem on Galaxy S20.

How To Fix Skype Echo Problem On Galaxy S20?

If the sound seems to be repeating or reflecting then you’re facing the echo problem. The reason behind this issue can be a faulty hardware or wrong sound/audio volume configuration. Essentially, the audio output from the speaker might be caught by the mic begin used.

Method #1: Run Echo/Sound Test To Fix Skype Issue On S20

Although, it sounds basic this step is very crucial. Skype’s in-built testing options work well and can help you debug the issue easily. Follow the below steps to begin testing.

Step #1. Go to the Skype app on Galaxy S20.

Step #2. Tap the contacts icon on the bottom navigation bar.

how to fix skype echo problem on galaxy s20

Step #3. Now tap on the Echo/Sound Test Service then tap on the Call button on top-right corner.

Step #4. Next up, a machine-call will begin, just follow the instructions.

fix skype echo problem on galaxy s20

Method #2: Tweak The Speaker/Audio Output Volume

If you’re using an external microphone input then the sound from an audio speaker might get caught by the microphone. This will definitely result in an echo. To fix this problem follow the below steps.

  • Turn the volume down of any audio output (System/External) to 50%.
  • Try using an earphone or inbuilt microphone for a call or Echo/Sound test.


Above are some of the basic steps that you can perform on yourself. I hope it can fix Skype echo problem on Galaxy S20. If all the above steps don’t work, then you must take your device to Samsung’s service center for the assessment of hardware components.

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