How To Get High Graphics In PUBG Mobile Or PUBG Lite

PUBG Mobile is one of the best battle royale games right now. It has around 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store, so chances are a majority of people might be playing it on a low-end device. Are you struggling to get high-graphics in PUBG Mobile? If so, then this article is for you.

GFX tools are the only way to get HD, HDR, Ultra HD high graphics in PUBG Mobile, regardless of the hardware you’re on. Continue reading to know how to use this app and how it works. Let’s begin.

How GFX Tool Helps PUBG Players To Unlock HD, HDR, and Ultra HD Graphics?

By default, PUBG Mobile offers a decent amount of graphic options. But they aren’t all unlocked and are available on the device’s hardware configuration. So how does the GFX Tool unlock that HD, HDR, or Ultra HD graphics? Well, it modifies the texture file of the PUBG Mobile app to fit according to the device’s hardware. Hence, providing you a way to unlock or get high graphics in PUBG Mobile.

Some of the GFX tools available on Google Play store can give you 60 to 70 FPS with medium or high graphics on mid-range devices. (I’ll list down the best ones in the later sections of this article.) Moreover, GFX works for all the versions of PUBG like Korean, PUBG Lite, and Global PUBG.

Best GFX Tools To Get Max Graphics In PUBG Mobile

In a nutshell, all the apps work in the same way. The only aspect in which one could be better than the other is just how well the app can optimize PUBG as per the hardware.

Here’s the list of 5 best-picked GFX tools for Android devices that are available on Google Play Store. All of them support the latest version of PUBG 0.19. I would recommend you to pick the paid ones as they are more reliable and doesn’t contain any ads.

Free GFX Tools To Get High Graphics In PUBG Mobile

PGT Free 🔧: GFX & Optimizer
PGT Free 🔧: GFX & Optimizer

How To Use GFX Tools For PUBG?

Note: Make sure you’ve installed PUBG Mobile from Google Play Store before proceeding.

Step #1. Download the App from Google Play Store.

Step #2. Launch the app and give it all the necessary permissions.

Step #3. Now select the installed PUBG version from the list.

high graphics in PUBG Mobile

Step #4. Next up, select Resolution, Graphics, and FPS as per requirement.

how to get high graphics in PUBG Mobile

GFX tool for PUBG Mobile

get high fps with gfx tool

Step #5. Finally, select the Rendering Quality this contains Shadows, Shaders, etc.

how to get igh graphics in PUBG Mobile

Step #6. You can also modify and experiment with other settings in the app.


I’ve been a PUBG lover for a long time now. Besides that, I have always expected to get high graphics in PUBG Mobile on my SD 625 powered low-range device. After trying out almost every trick available on the Internet, I’m satisfied with the GFX tool. The experience is truly mesmerizing with bare-minimum lags.

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