QLM IMEI Repair Tool Download [Latest Version]

Sometimes the IMEI number of Android devices gets erased; especially if you modify systems files or flash a custom ROM on it. I’ve got a simple tool called the QLM IMEI Repair Tool that helps you write an IMEI number on Qualcomm powered Android devices.

Read on and I’ll provide you a direct link to download the latest and updated version of the QLM IMEI Repair tool. I’ll also explain a step-by-step installation and usage guide. So let’s get started.

What is the QLM IMEI Repair Tool?

QLM IMEI Repair Tool is an executable file that is available for Windows PC. It allows users to write IMEI numbers on Android devices with Qualcomm chipset. However, you need to have Qualcomm USB drivers installed on your system to detect the target device.

Once your device is identified by the system, the QLM IMEI Repair Tool makes use of the 9091/9008 port and DIAG Mode to write IMEI numbers. There may be one or two IMEI depending upon the device type i.e single or dual SIM. Also, the method to turn on the DIAG Mode on various devices may vary, so make sure to check out this guide if you’re not sure.

Moreover, if you’ve don’t have a backup of your IMEI and not sure where to get it, do check out the device’s manual or box. You must find a sticker on one of them. Changing/Replacing the IMEI with QLM IMEI Repair Tool b19, or any other software is completely illegal though. So think twice before modifying it. Anyway here’s more precise information on the tool.

Software Information

Name QLM IMEI Repair Tool
Version v1.0.2
Developed By QLM
Platform Windows PC
Total Downloads 500K+
Required Android Chipset Qualcomm Chipset

Download QLM IMEI Repair Tool B19

Get the latest version of the tool and drivers from the links mentioned below. Make sure to follow up on the installation and usage procedure thereafter. So you can smoothly go through the process without any hassle.




  • Flash IMEI Number – It can help you flash the IMEI number on any Qualcomm Android device.
  • Qualcomm supported – Qualcomm has the largest market in Smartphone areas which is supported by this tool.
  • One-click – You don’t have to go through the long procedures.
  • Latest version – The developer keeps on adding perks and improves the stability and speed with updates.
  • Includes Qualcomm Drivers – Drivers are very crucial while doing such things as they are the ones that help to detect the device.

How To Install & Use QLM IMEI Repair Tool?

Step #1. Download the file on your desktop and extract them into a separate folder.

Step #2. Now open up the folder and make sure there exists a subfolder name “Qualcomm Drivers”

Step #3. Turn on DIAG Mode on the target device. (This step is important to write IMEI)

Step #4. Connect the device with the PC and launch the tool. If the device is connected it will show up in the “device manager” section with the name “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostic 9091 Port”

Step #5. Now head over to the IMEI part and type in the IMEI1 and IMEI2 number.

Step #6. Hit the WRITE button and reboot your device.

qlm imei repair tool


Losing the IMEI number is a big deal because you can’t even access the SIM without it. While there are several tools available on the Internet to write it back, the QLM IMEI Repair tool is most reliable among all.

I’ve been experimenting with Android devices for years now. The only thing that I’ve noticed so far is research plays a very important role if you get stuck somewhere. That’s where we at WhatDroid help people. So make sure to subscribe to the notifications for daily updates from our website.

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